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Putin prepares new offensive in Ukraine in February or March
12:30, 28.01.2023 |
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Despite enormous losses, Russian President Vladimir Putin is planning a new offensive in Ukraine, at the same time preparing his country for years of confrontation with the US and its allies.

"Nearly a year into an invasion that was supposed to take weeks, Vladimir Putin is preparing a new offensive in Ukraine, at the same time steeling his country for a conflict with the US and its allies that he expects to last for years.

The renewed offensive may start as soon as February or March, the people close to the Kremlin said."

The Kremlin aims to demonstrate that its forces can regain the initiative after months of losing ground, putting pressure on Kyiv and its backers to agree to some kind of truce that leaves Russia in control of the territory it now occupies, according to officials, advisers and others familiar with the situation.

Bloomberg’s interlocutors say that Putin remains convinced that Russia’s larger forces and willingness to accept casualties will allow it to prevail, despite the failings so far.

It is noted that a new round of mobilisation is possible as soon as this spring, as the economy and society are increasingly subordinated to the needs of the war.

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