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Dogeli: Turkey will close airports for Russian airlines with American aircraft
21:00, 01.02.2023 |
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The largest Turkish operator of ground handling of flights Havaş refused to serve the aircraft of carriers from Russia that fell under US export sanctions.

Turkey is preparing to close its airports to Russian airlines flying “sub-sanctioned” American-made aircraft .

According to Aviatorschina , the largest Turkish ground handling operator for flights Havaş said that it could completely stop working with airliners of carriers from Russia that fell under US export sanctions, which provide for a ban on refueling, maintenance and repair of such aircraft abroad – in total, 170 were at risk aircraft.

As a result, Havaş has advised Russian airlines to only plan flights to Turkey with aircraft containing less than 25% US-made parts, as these are the only aircraft it is allowed to operate.

It is noted that a corresponding letter from Havaş was received by some Russian airlines at the end of December 2022. It says that the Bureau of Industry and Security of the US Department of Commerce sent letters of warning to companies in the Turkish aviation industry that servicing American aircraft of Russian and Belarusian airlines that fell under US export restrictions is a violation of the Export Control Rules.

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