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Robots shared stage with models in Paris
21:54, 08.03.2023 |
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Fashion designers of the house Coperni in the framework of Fashion Week in Paris during FW '23/24 starred 5 robot dogs as models.
The creative directors of Coperni Sébastien Meyer and Arnaud Vaillant came along with a show as a new concept of the future, where robots coexist with humans as equals. The models shared the stage with five robots of Robot Dynamics. A human and a robot approached each other, appeared to make friends, and then the robot helped model Rianne Van Rompaey to take her coat off. So they were interacting both with the models and the audience.

Earlier the fashion house Coperni has come up with no less spectacular show, at the end of which Bella Hadid was worn a spray-on dress.

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