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Pentagon: 9 countries have committed to providing more than 150 Leopard tanks
18:42, 15.03.2023 |
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Nine countries have now committed to providing more than 150 Leopard tanks, said Secretary of Defense of U.S Lloyd J. Austin III at the Tenth Ukraine Defense Contact Group, reports citing U.S Department of State.

He also stressed that the number of countries providing air-defense assets also continues to expand.

"...We are now at a crucial time in the course of Ukraine's fight for freedom. nd we must all demonstrate our continued resolve and unity. That means following through on our commitments—fully and quickly,” said Lloyd Austin.

"We also need to find ways to get new donations of ammunition and air-defense systems to Ukraine. To increase ammunition production, members of this Contact Group are coming together to develop innovative solutions to industrial-production problems," he added.

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09:24, 19.05.2023
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