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Saudi Arabia, King Salman invites Iranian President Raisi to Riyadh
19:48, 19.03.2023 |
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The president of Iran, Ebrahim raisi, welcomed the invitation received by the king of Saudi Arabia, Salmam bin Abdulaziz, to visit Riyadh "to seal the rapprochement between the two countries". This was stated by the deputy head of cabinet for political affairs of the Iranian president, Mohammad Jamshidi, on Twitter. “In a letter to President Raisi, Saudi King Salman welcomed the agreement reached between the two brother countries, invited him to Riyadh and reiterated the need for strong economic and regional cooperation. Raisi welcomed this invitation,” Jamshidi said. At present, Saudi state media have not commented on the news.

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09:12, 04.06.2023
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