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''I have demanded for holding Azerbaijan accountable for another military aggression''. Tovmasyan
12:12, 11.05.2023 |
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On March 15, 2023 I had alarmed the international institutions that movement of a number of Azerbaijani heavy weapons systems, military personnel along the whole contact line is noticeable. It is even visible for the people of border communities.

Except for it I had also alarmed about Azerbaijan’s possible military aggression during my visit to Brussels on April 25-29 in the official meetings with the officials of European External Action Service, Representatives of European Parliament.

Unfortunately, the international institutions in spite of all of their concerns didn’t apply to practical steps to prevent Azerbaijan’s new aggression which leaded to 4 injured from the Armenian side and a situation in which the right to life and other basic human rights of the people living in Armenian border communities and generally the international law has been flagrantly violated.

I am urgently addressing all of my international colleagues alarming that the units of the Azerbaijani Armed Forces opened artillery and mortar fire against the Armenian positions located in the direction of Sotk.

I have demanded an urgent response, imposing sanctions, holding Azerbaijan accountable for another military aggression against the sovereign territory of the Republic of Armenia.

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11:18, 15.09.2023
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