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''We are at the most important crossroads of our history''. David Babayan
09:30, 02.06.2023 |
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David Babayan: Relinquishing from Artsakh by Armenia will lead to the most fundamental transformations in the history of the Armenian people. A deadly threat will hang over the present day Armenia, which will be almost impossible to neutralize. In addition, the very concepts of "Armenia" and "Armenians" will be reformatted.
The Armenian people, already divided by geography, and over the past few years by ethno-political contradictions too, may simply disintegrate. There will be an alienation of the Diaspora from their historical homeland, an identity crisis will occur in the Karabagh segment - one of the main keepers of the DNA of the Armenian people and its statehood, a significant percentage of the population of Armenia will be ashamed to call themselves Armenians.
There will be a gap between the full of difficult and tragic pages, but nevertheless our glorious past and the indefinite present, the result of which will be a hopeless future. Truly, we are at the most important crossroads of our history...

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