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''I decided to head from Stepanakert to Shoushi today''. David Babayan
09:54, 28.09.2023 |
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Dear compatriots, friends, party members!
You all know that I am included in the black list of Azerbaijan and the Azerbaijani side demanded my arrival in Baku for an appropriate investigation. I decided to head from Stepanakert to Shoushi today.
This decision will naturally cause great pain, anxiety and stress, primarily to my loved ones, but I am sure they will understand.
My failure to appear, or worse, my escape, will cause serious harm to our long-suffering nation, to many people, and I, as an honest person, hard worker, patriot and Christian, cannot allow this.
God bless our people, may the Almighty reduce their suffering and heal their wounds.

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09:48, 07.12.2023
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