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After Pinaka rockets, Armenia buys Indian anti-drone system
15:18, 08.11.2023 |
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After importing rocket launchers and missiles from India, Armenia is now importing an anti-drone system from its South Asian friend, EurAsian Times reports. People who did not wish to be identified said Armenia has contracted to buy India-developed Zen Anti-Drone System (ZADS). The Indian Air Force (IAF) purchased this anti-drone system in 2021, and the Indian Army has ordered 20 units of C-UAS worth INR 2.27 billion (US$27.3 million). Delivery of the C-UAS to the Indian Army will commence in March 2024. Officials who did not wish to be identified confirmed to the EurAsian Times that Armenia has contracted the Hyderabad-based Zen Technologies for INR340 crore (US$41.5 million) for the anti-drone system order that includes both training solutions and an anti-drone system. “The Zen Technologies Anti-Drone System is a proven technology, having been inducted in the IAF and now the Indian Army opting for it. And Armenia realizes that once Indian armed forces induct it, it must be good,” the source said. The anti-drone system from Zen Technologies works on drone detection, classification, and tracking of passive surveillance, camera sensors, and threat neutralization through jamming drone communication.

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