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No prisoner exchange with Israel until war ends, Hamas announces
22:54, 02.12.2023 |
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Renewed fighting stretched in Gaza for a second day on Saturday following the breakdown of negotiations to prolong a ceasefire between Israel and Hamas terrorists. According to mediators, Israeli bombardment is making it more difficult to halt hostilities once more.

Israeli flares light the sky above Khan Yunis in the southern Gaza Strip as fighting resumed after the expiration of a seven-day truce between Israel and Hamas.(AFP)
Columns of smoke rose into the sky on Friday as the truce deadline passed. The eastern parts of Khan Younis in southern Gaza were subjected to heavy artillery.

According to Gaza health officials, by Friday night, Israeli airstrikes had struck more than 20 houses, killed 184 people, and injured at least 589 more.

The warring parties blamed each another for the truce's breakdown, by refusing to accept conditions to continue the daily release of hostages in exchange for Palestinians detained in Israeli jails.

A pause that started on November 24 had been extended twice and led to the release of 110 hostages, including 80 Israelis, whereas, Israel has released 240 Palestinian prisoners. But after seven days, mediators failed to find a formula to release more hostages.

On October 7, Hamas launched an unprovoked attack on Southern Israel with terrorists killing around 1,200 people and took 240 hostages. In a retaliatory move, Israel sworn to annihilate Hamas. Health authorities in Gaza say Israel's bombardment has so far killed more than 15,000 Gazans. The deputy head of Hamas tells Al Jazeera that no prisoner exchange with Israel will take place until the war on Gaza is over.Amid the ongoing war in Gaza, Hamas claimed on Saturday that it had targeted a group of Israeli foot soldiers stationed northwest of Gaza city in the area of Al Tawam, "resulting in deaths and injuries," reported Reuters.

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