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Kazakhstan starts building new railroad to China: cargo turnover to increase by another 20 mln tons
21:24, 21.12.2023 |
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The construction of a new railway line Bakhty - Ayagoz with a length of 272 km started in Abay region. Alikhan Smailov, Prime Minister of the Republic of Kazakhstan, gave an official start to the works in the mode of teleconference.

The project is realized within the framework of execution of the instruction of the Head of State Kassym-Jomart Tokayev on increase of transport-transit potential of Kazakhstan. During construction of the new line it is planned to open the third border crossing with China Bakhty - Chuguchak. In general, the railway line Bakhty - Ayagoz will increase the throughput capacity between Kazakhstan and China from 28 to about 48 million tons, unload the southern checkpoints and attract additional volumes of transit. It is planned that the double-track railroad will be put into operation in 2027.The large-scale project will be realized with the participation of a private investor on PPP principles. In the course of construction 11 stations, 47 bridges, 23 railroad and 8 highway overpasses, 5 pedestrian bridges, 16 observation structures will be erected. For this purpose it is planned to purchase over 500 thousand units of sleepers and 36 tons of rails from domestic manufacturers. Local content is expected to be at least 85%.

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