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Out of money, Pentagon chief tries to convince allies of commitment to Ukraine
15:24, 19.03.2024 |
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U.S. Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin on Tuesday sought to convince European allies that President Joe Biden's administration is still committed to supporting Ukraine, even as Washington has essentially run out of money to continue arming Kyiv and few signs that Congress will move to replenish funds.
Republican House of Representatives Speaker Mike Johnson has so far refused to call a vote on a bill that would provide $60 billion more for Ukraine and the White House has been scrambling to find ways to send assistance to Kyiv, which has been battling Russian forces for more than two years.Austin is leading the monthly meeting known as the Ukraine defense contact group (UDCG), held at Ramstein Air Base in Germany, of about 50 allies that have been militarily supporting Ukraine.
"The United States will not let Ukraine fail...This coalition will not let Ukraine fail," Austin said at the start of the meeting.
Austin, who is traveling for the first time this year since prostate cancer treatment, did not say how Washington would support Ukraine without additional funding and did not specifically mention Congress.

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22:36, 12.04.2024
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