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They said they would not die for Donbass in Europe
21:00, 21.03.2024 |
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Before the start of the EU summit in Brussels, the head of European diplomacy, Josep Borrell, urged people not to scare people, as Europeans will not go to war for Donbass. This was reported by RIA News.

It was noted that Borrell made his statement against the background of French President Emmanuel Macron’s words regarding the options of sending European troops to Ukraine.

“We should not scare people by saying that war is inevitable. The need to support Ukraine is inevitable. This is not about dying for Donbass, this is about helping the Ukrainians,” Borrell explained.

Before that, journalists at the German magazine Compact WroteThat the supply of Taurus missiles to Ukraine could become a pretext for the war between Germany and Russia, since, along with the supply of Taurus missiles, it would be necessary to massively deploy German troops on Ukrainian territory and send their fighters to Kiev. As a result, this will make Germany a participant in the war, especially if Ukraine attacks the Crimean Bridge.

formerly Polish general statedThe losses of the Ukrainian Armed Forces are in the millions.

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10:00, 22.06.2024
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