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Statement by the Executive Body of the Republican Party of Armenia regarding the arrest of Narek Samsonyan and Vazgen Saghatelyan
15:00, 23.03.2024 |
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The Executive Body of the Republican Party of Armenia qualifies the arrest of public figures Narek Samsonyan and Vazgen Saghatelyan as another form of repression carried out by the authorities against the opposition.
It must be noted that the list of the political prisoners officially declared by a number of well known international organizations, which includs Armen Ashotyan, Narek Malyan, Mamikon Aslanyan and our other commrades in battle, who are kept in prison, has been expanded hearafter to include Narek Samsonyan's and Vazgen Saghatelyan's names. We also find it necessary to underscore, that in the case of Narek Samsonyan, the arrest was carried out with the use of disproportionate force, and in some cases with sadism.
In the context of the illegal use of law enforcement and judicial systems against opposition, the false statements made by the current authorities of Armenia concerning the freedom of speech and internet, as well as the increase in level of the rule of law, independence of the judiciary and democracy are getting even more ridiculous.
The Republican Party of Armenia draws the attention of all the embassies and international organizations accredited in the Republic of Armenia to the anti-democratic processes unfolding in our country.

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10:00, 22.06.2024
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