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Statement of the Ministry of Defence of the Republic of Armenia
11:18, 31.03.2024 |
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The statement released by the Ministry of Defence of Azerbaijan regarding the alleged concentrations and active movements and of personnel, armored vehicles, artillery, and other fire means by the Armed Forces of the Republic of Armenia in various directions of the boarder doesn’t correspond to reality.
Additionally, the Armenian Ministry of Defence reports that on March 30, photographs of a motorcade of recruit drivers who recently joined the ranks of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Armenia as part of the training process were disseminated in a number of Telegram channels, attempting to portray them as a military movement towards the borders, which is untrue.
The RA Ministry of Defence assesses the recent operational situation on the Armenian-Azerbaijani state border as stable and does not perceive the need to implement additional measures to protect the border.

Source: ՀՀ ՊՆ
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