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Elen Asatryan elected Mayor of Glendale
11:30, 03.04.2024 |
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East Area Progressive Democrats's post on Facebook:

"Victory! Elen Asatryan elected Mayor of Glendale tonight in big win for fairness & equal representation. In 2022, she earned most votes ever by a 1st-time woman candidate for City Council. Tonight she becomes 1st Armenian American woman ever to serve as mayor in the 4th largest city in L.A. County & city with highest percentage of immigrant residents, at 50 percent, of any in California. Thanks to Denise Miller, Ann Levy Ransford, JoanMorris, & all the members of EAPD who spoke up when it mattered to overcome the ugly expressions of anti-LGBTQ hate, misogyny, & spitefulness. Nothing significant comes easily. This win required teamwork & perseverance. We thank Councilmembers Ardy Kassakhian & outgoing mayor Dan Brotman for doing the right thing. Tonight’s mayoral succession was not entirely peaceful or smooth, owing to the childish outbursts of AraNajarian & walkout by PaulaDevine. But it was a success, & all residents & stakeholders can be proud that it reflects fairness & inclusion."

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