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Address by the Third President of Armenia Serzh Sargsyan on the occasion of Republic Day
09:18, 28.05.2024 |
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Dear Compatriots,
Just like 106 years ago, today too, it is time for national self-conscientiouness, historical responsibility, and selfless courage.

In May 1918, the devoted sons of the Armenian nation fought victorious battles so that all successive generations could live in their God-given Homeland, live with dignity, free and independent, speak Armenian, go to the Armenian Church, and learn the Armenian history.

Eternal glory to countless devotees who had created the May 28 through self-sacrifice, to the Armenian warriors, who held splendid victories, to the commanders, the clergy, and all those who had chosen to live with dignity.

Those, who are making calls to give in, who are begging for peace on humiliating terms, who are calling to subsist under the Turkish vassalage today, just as yesterday, possess no ability to understand collective national rights, interests and threats, or courage to see the reality and act with valor.

History proves that victory comes to the worthy and today, over one hundred years after the May victories, it is our individual choice to be worthy or to be cursed.

I am confident that the State and the Church will remain true to their mission and in these faithful days the symbolic bells of Sardarabat will toll for the victory of truth and dignity.

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