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Carpisa gift card worth AMD 50.000 from IDBank
12:18, 01.06.2024 |
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Do you want to receive a digital gift card from IDBank for the payments you will make during the summer? Let's see what you need to do for that.

Can you imagine doing your daily expenses and then you find out that you received a gift card to buy a suitcase from Carpisa? So, read carefully to be prepared in advance.

From June 1 to July 31 inclusive, i.e. within two months, by making at least AMD 1.000.000 (equivalent foreign currency) payment transactions with Premium cards and registering with the following link, you will receive a Carpisa digital gift card on idplus loyalty platform worth AMD 50.000 on the platform. You can use the gift card to make purchases from the Carpisa chain of stores using Idram QR, choosing the preferred option from a huge selection of suitcases.

Plus, during the campaign, you will find suitcases with IDBank labels at Carpisa, which will be discounted by 40%, and the rest of the entire range of suitcases will be discounted by 15% for you, if you have fulfilled the conditions of the campaign and received the gift card and you see it in your Idram&IDBank application. Payment is also very simple: with the Idram&IDBank application, you scan the Idram QR code and choose the preferred payment source when paying, from a gift card to your bank or Idram accounts and cards.

Moreover, if you have more than one Premium card, you will have the opportunity to receive Carpisa gift cards corresponding to the number of your Premium cards, if you meet the condition of payments of AMD 1.000.000 (equivalent foreign currency) with each Premium card.

In addition, the payment transactions of AMD 1.000.000 are cumulative, including all payment transactions made during the campaign.

You can take part in the campaign with any of your IDBank premium card, that is, with the Travel, Visa Platinum, Visa Business Platinum, Visa Signature, Visa Infinite, Visa Infinite Special Edition cards.

If you do not have a premium card yet, you can order following the link, filling out the application online, ordering the card directly from the Idram&IDBank application or visiting the nearest branch of the Bank.

To join the Idplus platform, simply download the application and enjoy the pleasure of receiving bonuses when making payments at Idram partner outlets.

You can get acquainted with the details of this campaign by following the link. Well, have a pleasant shopping and unlimited bonuses!


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