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Benny Ganz, a key member of Israel's war cabinet, has resigned
12:06, 10.06.2024 |
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Benny Gantz, a centrist and a political rival of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, accused Netanyahu of not forming a strategy to replace Hamas in Gaza. Now he's calling for Israel to hold early elections in the fall.

He gave a speech, and he said that, months into the war, he has been unable to influence the direction that Israel is headed. And he said Netanyahu is preventing us from reaching real victory. He said he wanted to tell the Israeli people the truth that the campaign, meaning the war, will take years. There is no easy and quick victory. And he said that Netanyahu was putting his own political survival over the fate of Israel's hostages in Gaza. He was referring there to a deal that President Biden is backing for ending the war and getting the hostages released from Gaza. Netanyahu is not embracing that deal because his far-right political partners have threatened to collapse the government because it would mean the war would be over, and the far-right wants to see the war continue.

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