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EU adopts 14th package of sanctions against Russia
12:30, 24.06.2024 |
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The Commission welcomes the Council's adoption of a 14th package of sanctions against Russia. The new package responds to the needs and findings on the ground, and tackles enforcement issues. As the Russian aggression against Ukraine continues, the EU remains determined to keep acting to further reduce Russia's sources of revenue and capacity to wage war. Today's measures send a clear and strong signal of EU unity and of our support to Ukraine and its people.

The package contains important new energy-related measures targeting liquified natural gas (LNG), and measures targeting vessels which support Russia's war. As regards LNG, the package prohibits all future investments in, and exports to, LNG projects under construction in Russia. It will also prohibit, after a transition period of 9 months, the use of EU ports for the transshipment of Russian LNG. Moreover, the package prohibits the import of Russian LNG into specific terminals which are not connected to the EU gas pipeline network.

For the first time, the EU has adopted a measure targeting specific vessels contributing to Russia's warfare against Ukraine, which are subject to a port access ban and ban on provision of services. These vessels can be designated for a broad array of reasons such as their support through the transport of military equipment for Russia, the transport of stolen Ukrainian grain and support in the development of Russia's energy sector, for instance through the transport of LNG components or transshipments of LNG. This measure also targets tankers part of Putin's dark fleet which circumvent the EU and Price Cap Coalition's caps, while adopting deceptive shipping practices in complete disregard of international standards. In this first round of listings, the EU has placed 27 vessels on this list. This list can be updated as regularly as needed to address the ever-evolving involvement of those vessels helping Russia to wage war against Ukraine.

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14:30, 15.07.2024
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