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Answers to 3 Questions You May Have About AP Tests
17:43, 18.11.2019
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Advanced Placement (or AP) classes are offered at many high schools in the United States and abroad, and they culminate in an intensive exam that students can take for college credit or to improve their chances of being accepted at a high-ranking college or university. There are more than 30 AP exams available in a variety of case study examples psychology subjects, ranging from United States History to Biology to Art History to English Literature and Composition. If you are thinking of enrolling in an AP course, here are answers to three commonly asked questions about the AP tests:

1. How is the exam structured?
Each of the exams has a set of unique requirements, but each test also has certain characteristics in common with other AP exams. For example, all of the exams are generally two to three hours long, and they consist of a multiple-choice section followed by a free response portion. The free response section varies for each test. Your answer to the free response may be an essay, a spoken response, or a solution to a complex problem. The spoken responses are generally for language tests, while essays are generally required in English and history exams. Students must solve a math problem for the free response section of the calculus test, as well as other math-based exams.

2. What are the best study resources for AP exams?
Your AP class is the best resource when preparing for an AP exam. Your teacher will have a detailed outline of the material that is present on the exam to teach from throughout the year. The College Board website also provides practice questions for each AP exam, as well as a detailed description of each course and how the exams are structured. AP study books or online tools can be the best supplements for studying for the AP tests, and they are a good investment for students who want to show up to the test prepared.

3. How are the exams scored, and when will I receive my score?
The exams take place in May. The multiple-choice section is scored based on the questions you get right - no points are taken away for questions that are answered wrong or go unanswered. The multiple-choice section is also graded by a computer. The free response section, which, as previously mentioned, varies with each test, is graded by a group of hundreds of highly qualified individuals who are known as readers. Readers come together in June and spend a few weeks scoring exams from around the country. Students can expect to receive their scores between July 6 and July 10.

To see a full schedule of exam dates and fees, visit to create an account and to access numerous resources. The site provides answers to many questions concerning the exam's structure and scoring, as well as frequently asked questions from both students and teachers. Good luck in your preparation for the exam, and be sure to invest in a good study guide - it will be your best friend during this long process.

Yazar: Doris Hall
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