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#Google likely to face federal, state antitrust lawsuits in coming months, sources say
02:05, 17.05.2020

The Justice Department and top state attorneys general are likely to file antitrust lawsuits against Google in the coming months, according to two people familiar with the matter, as regulators prepare to take more aggressive aim at the tech giant’s search-and-advertising empire.

The federal case could come as soon as the summer, said the sources, who requested anonymity to discuss a law-enforcement proceeding that had not been finalized. It is not clear if the department plans to file at the same time as state officials who also are probing the company. Their case against Google could be ready by the fall, one of the sources said.
The Justice Department declined to comment Friday. Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton, who is leading the state probe, said in a statement they had not been “slowed down by the coronavirus pandemic.”

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