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The Cuban Foreign Minister identified US policy as the main threat to international security.
20:25, 22.09.2020

Bruno Rodriguez Parrilla also said that Washington is seeking to discredit Cuban medical missions abroad during the Coronavirus pandemic.

The policy of the US authorities threatens international law, multilateralism and international security in general. This was stated by Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodríguez Parrilla on Monday, speaking at a commemorative meeting of the United Nations General Assembly (GA) to mark the 75th anniversary of the organization.

“Irresponsible US behaviour is a major threat to peace and international security. The U.S. is fuelling conflicts, unconventional and trade wars, imposing severe unilateral sanctions, wasting on its arms race the resources necessary for the sustainable development of our peoples, and refusing to cooperate in the fight against the multiple crises caused by the devastating COVID-19 pandemic. The U.S. ignores important environmental, disarmament and arms control agreements and withdraws from international organisations such as the World Health Organisation, UNESCO or the Human Rights Council. It may seem that this country is at war with the whole planet, its vital resources and inhabitants,” the diplomat said.

As examples of instability in different regions of the world, Rodriguez cited the “obstacle to a comprehensive, just and lasting settlement of the conflict between Palestine and Israel”, the denial of independence of Puerto Rico, as well as the application of the “Monroe Doctrine” to Latin America.

The Cuban Foreign Minister stressed that Washington was seeking to discredit Cuban medical missions abroad during the Coronavirus Pandemic.

“The U.S. is cynically attacking our medical cooperation and the governments that legitimately turn to Cuba for medical assistance, impeding the right of other countries to health care, while they themselves are the epicentre of the COVID-19 pandemic, which cost the lives of almost 200,000 American citizens because of irresponsibility and election opportunism,” added Rodriguez.
Speeches by representatives of the states take place in a video format due to restrictions due to the coronavirus pandemic. Only permanent representatives of countries to the UN are present in the GA Hall.

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