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Adam Schiff appealed to the Biden administration over Syunik
10:16, 13.05.2021
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Congressman Adam Schiff has expressed his deep concern by the reports that Azerbaijani troops crossed into Armenian territory.

''I am deeply concerned by recent reports that Azerbaijani troops have reportedly crossed into Armenian territory. If true, this is yet another dangerous and provocative action that could lead to further loss of life. It is past time for the United States to recognize that our policies have emboldened Azeri President Ilham Aliyev to escalate militarily, risking another war.

I have been in communication with the Biden administration and urged them to engage more deeply through the Minsk Group, now more important than ever. According to reports, Azerbaijan is taking these actions just days after the State Department issued an unjustified waiver of restrictions under Section 907 against direct aid to Azerbaijan. We should not be providing military funding to a nation that habitually engages in human rights violations and violates the sovereignty of its neighbors''.

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01:10, 12.06.2021
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