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Idplus Bonuses in Idram&IDBank Application
18:24, 10.04.2024 |
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We know that you were waiting for this moment: idplus bonuses are already closer to you. Now you can use your bonuses directly in the Idram&IDBank application.

Everyone likes to pay with Idram and already accumulate bonuses from more than 1000 points of sale. We told you that Idram is profitable, didn’t we? Bonuses are for spending and enjoying, so we decided to make the bonus payment process more comfortable and faster.

And so, if the bonuses were previously visible only in idplus, now they are already visible directly in your Idram&IDBank application. To spend them, you just need to point out whether you want to use your bonuses received from the point of sale as a source of payment.

For example, when you make a payment at your favorite café, you will see the bonuses received from the same cafe in the Idram&IDBank application as a source of payment. In other words, you scan the QR-code and when paying, point out whether to use the money available on your accounts, wallet or cards, pay from gathered bonus points, or make a combo payment by combining your funds and bonus points.

Making combo payments is especially convenient in cases when the bonuses are not enough and you want to add money from your account or wallet, or on the contrary, when the funds on the account is not enough and you decide to add the missing part with bonuses.

In addition to bonuses, your gift cards will also appear in the application, which means you can use them as a payment source as well.

The update is already available for everyone. You can update the Idram&IDBank application from the App Store or Google Play within seconds.

Have a nice, fast, safe and simple shopping time!


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