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Upcoming Nokia smartphone does not need a case
01:06, 19.07.2021 |
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Nokia Mobile has posted a teaser on its social media channels announcing a new smartphone launch on July 27. The teaser claims the smartphone will be so robust that you will never need a case for this one.
Check the teaser tweet below that shows a smartphone’s back with message “with our newest Nokia phone you will never need a case again”.
This is in sync with the tips that we received from our sources about Nokia XR20 being a “rugged” version of Nokia X20.
Nokia XR20 was first spotted at Geekbench thereby revealing that it will be powered by Snapdragon 480 5G processor.
It will pack a 6.67-inch display and the rear camera is supposed to have at least two camera units with 48 MP and 13 MP resolutions. Nokia XR20 will also feature a 8MP front camera.

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