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Ukrainian High Anti-Corruption Court confiscates Russian oligarch’s assets
21:54, 01.09.2022 |
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According to the Anti-corruption action center, the Higher Anti-Corruption Court of Ukraine confiscated assets of Putin’s oligarch Volodymyr Yevtushenkov for the first time in Ukrainian history.

The Higher Anti-Corruption Court of Ukraine confiscated 17 real estate objects with a total area of almost 100,000 square meters. There were also confiscated shares in several Ukrainian companies.

Yevtushenkov is one of the richest people in Russia. As of 2021, his fortune was $3.4 billion. One of its main capitals is Sistema JSC. It owns the “RTI Systems” concern, which is one of the largest defense companies in the world, developing control and communication systems, radio equipment for Russian weapons.

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23:12, 04.11.2022
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