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''The salvation of Artsakh should become task number one for the Diaspora''. David Babayan
14:12, 25.09.2022 |
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On September 24, Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Artsakh David Babayan participated in the conference dedicated to Artsakh and organized by the ANCA Western Region. Minister Babayan delivered a speech at the conference.

The Foreign Minister presented the current situation in Artsakh, the challenges facing the state and the people, noting the possible ways to overcome them, as well as touched upon a range of issues related to regional developments, the foreign policy of Artsakh, and others.

"We should be very honest and courageous to see the reality as it is. But, we should be much more courageous, honest and patient to overcome these difficulties", David Babayan underlined in his speech.
Speaking about the further steps to be taken in the state-building process, Minister Babayan noted that we have no right to be discouraged and forget our history and victims; we must get back on our feet and continue the struggle for the sake of our past and future.

"Without Artsakh there is no Armenia, without Armenia it is obvious what fate our Diaspora will have. In this situation, the salvation of Artsakh should become task number one for the Diaspora. Artsakhocentrism should be a priority for all Armenians", said the Foreign Minister, adding that there are all possibilities to save Artsakh, restore self-confidence and ensure a dignified future.

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