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Congresswoman Katie Porter calls on U.S. government to end all military assistance to Azerbaijan
12:36, 02.02.2023 |
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United States Congresswoman Katie Porter called on the Biden administration to take immediate steps to end the blockade of Lachin corridor.

I rise today to condemn Azerbaijan’s blockade of the Lachin corridor, the only humanitarian lifeline connecting the people of Artsakh to the Republic of Armenia,” Porter said in Congress. “For nearly two months, the region’s 120,000 Armenians have been denied food, fuel, medicine and other essentials as a result of this cruel and inhumane blockade. Azerbaijan’s goal is clear, to force the ethnic Armenians of Artsakh from their homeland by imposing conditions that make life impossible. We must hold Azerbaijan accountable for its aggression. I continue to call on the administration to take immediate steps to end this blockade. We must end all U.S. military assistance to Azerbaijan. American taxpayers shouldn’t be subsidizing Azerbaijan’s constant aggression against the Armenian people. I continue to stand in solidarity with the Armenian people and the Armenian-American community.”

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09:24, 19.05.2023
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