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Thailand moves closer to legalising same-sex unions as parliament passes landmark bill
23:54, 27.03.2024 |
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Thailand's parliament overwhelmingly approved a marriage equality bill on Wednesday, a landmark step that moves one of Asia's most liberal countries closer to becoming its third territory to legalise same-sex unions.
The bill had the support of all of Thailand's major parties and was more than a decade in the making. It still requires approval from the Senate and endorsement from the king before it becomes law and would take effect 120 days later. The legislation was passed by 400 of the 415 lawmakers present, with only 10 voting against it and could see Thailand join Taiwan and Nepal in allowing same-sex unions.
"We did this for all Thai people to reduce disparity in society and start creating equality," Danuphorn Punnakanta, chairman of the parliamentary committee on the draft bill, told lawmakers ahead of the reading.
"I want to invite you all to make history."The bill's passage marks a significant step towards cementing Thailand's position as one of Asia's most liberal countries on lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender issues, with openness and progressive attitudes coexisting in society alongside traditional, conservative Buddhist values.
Thailand has long been a draw for same-sex couples, with a vibrant and visible LGBT social scene for locals and expatriates, and targeted campaigns to attract LGBT travellers.

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14:30, 15.07.2024
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