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Inappropriate Battle of Armenian Clans
12:26, 22.05.2019
On May 20, the Azerbaijani-Turkish joint live-fire tactical exercises "Mustafa Kemal Ataturk-2019" started within the framework of the agreement on military cooperation between two countries.
They are aimed at achieving coordination of the interaction of the military units of Azerbaijan and Turkey through the development of joint headquarters in order to improve the combat readiness of personnel and develop their skills in conducting joint military operations.
About 10 thousand military personnel, 150 tanks and units of other armored vehicles, up to 200 rocket and artillery systems of different caliber, multiple rocket launchers and mortars, as well as 35 combat aircraft and helicopters participate in the exercises.
Such unprecedentedly large-scale military exercises of Azerbaijan and Turkey should have a sobering effect on Pashinyan and his company. But we can't hope for it, since now the leadership of our country is busy with much more important things.
So the authorities started a show during the trial against Robert Kocharyan, the first President of the Nagorno-Karabakh Republic and the second President of Armenia. That show was accompanied by a flagrant violation of the fundamental principle of civil law - the presumption of innocence.
For a long time, the Pashinyan team has been compiling necessary data for false accusation imputed to Robert Kocharyan of overthrowing the constitutional system of Armenia in 2008. Belonging to the Radio Liberty Azatutyun TV became the mouthpiece of that propaganda.
Despite the direct informational blackmail and the physical presence of an engaged crowd from among various kinds of grant eaters, on May 18 the court of general jurisdiction of Yerevan released Kocharyan from custody. It became possible thanks to the guarantee of two other presidents of the Republic of Artsakh: the ex-president - Arkady Ghukasyan and the current - Bako Sahakyan.
After that, the compassionate attitude of the grant eaters to the obvious disruption of their financial and informational attempts to bring the jurisprudence of Armenia in line with the high "moral" criteria inherent in the morals implanted in Armenia after the coup d'état could not pass without a trace.
So, Nikol Pashinyan made a dangerous statement about the blocking on May 20 of the entrances and exits of all ships in the territory of the Republic of Armenia without exception. This provocation was far from coincidence started precisely after the Rhythmic Gymnastics World Championships hold in Baku and the military exercises of the Azerbaijani armed forces and their Turkish mentors.
There is no doubt that Azerbaijan is preparing for war, in which the sympathies of well-known centers of power of international politics (taking into account the events around Iran) will be on the side of instigators of war, on both sides.
In the meantime, outbreaks of happiness are observed in "friendly" Azerbaijan. Because the leaders of Armenia and Karabakh cannot stand each other. They are completely different people. Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan is the leader of Western grant-eaters, while Bako Sahakyan heads a more decent stratum of people. Grant-eaters are the enemies of the Armenian people, for they kill the national identity, confessing alien values, while the Karabakh people are ready to sacrifice their lives, protecting their native land and culture.
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11:04, 05.09.2019
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