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Stephanakerti rusakan dramatikakan tatrony veracnund e aprum
23:48, 05.04.2024
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Aysor Erevanum 2024 tvakani marti 30-in Stephanakerti rusakan dramatikakan tatrony nerkayacrec Ivan Viripaevi piesi himan vra bemadrvac ir nor: «Iranakan konferansy» Kopenhageni hamalsaranum» nerkayacumy։ Aprili 1 in ayn nerkayacvec handisatesin։

Dialogue kazmakerputyan ghekavar Yuri Navoyani hamar ashxatanqi ev ir gorcin nvirvacutyan ardyunqum hnaravor dardzav kazmakerpel tatroni erkrord nerkayacumy Erevanum։

Nerkayacumy interaktiv er ev miazhamanak hamazhoghov: banaxosnerov, cragrov, lragroghneri het, qnnarkman temayov, irakan konferansi srahum, vortegh nerkayacman masnakicnery ev handisatesy stanum ein irenc tghtapanaknery cragri het miasin։

Inchpes amen gitazhoghovum masnakicneric yuraqanchyury nerkayacnum e xndiry voch miayn ibrev irakan mtahogutyan harc, aylev voghj huzakan aspektov։ Dzayni huzakan erangnery, pashtonakanic zgacmunqayinin ancumnery steghcum en mtermik mtnolort, vory sakayn xist bnutagrakan che gitazhoghovnerin։ Steghcvac mtnolorty stipum e, vor xndiry darna boloriny։

Inchpes irakan gitazhoghovneri zhamanak, voch miayn harc u patasxan e huzogh harci veraberyal, aylev lurj gitakan skzbunqayin anhamadzaynutyun։ Zgacmunqayiny tramabanakanic chi anjatvum։ Qnnarkum en mahapatzhi dem mijazgayin orva het kapvac harc։ Mardy aprel e cankanum, na kendani eak e ev chi kareli brnanal nra azatutyan vra։ Mardy uni azatutyunneri inchpes naev sephakan ashxarhayacqi iravunq։ Inchu en votnaharvum mardu azatutyunnery։ Ashxarhi mardkutyunn e xosum: pashtpanelov ir votnaharvac iravunqnery։ Xosum en, qnnarkum Kyanqi u Astco, qaghaqakrtutyan u mardkayin tchakatagri, paterazmi u xaghaghutyan, siro u brnutyan, Arevmutqi u Arevelqi masin... Hnchecin harcer, voronq tanjum en mtacogh mardun, eghan naev xor patasxanner, voronc het shatery hamadzayn ein kam cankanum ein vitchel։ Konferansi «eluytneric» yuraqanchyury, naev nerkayacumy, karucvac er derasanneri profesionalneri u siroghakanneri menaxosutyunneri vra, vory tarav depi anherqeli tchshmartutyan ev anmijapes havaqec hamaxohnerin: Herosnery bolorovin tarber ein, nerkayacnum ein tramagcoren hakarak dirqer, bayc, tarorinak kerpov, amen inch kargin er, ev dahlitchum nstac handisatesi hamar nranq shat hamozich ein hnchum։ Kareli er hamadzaynel nrancic yuraqanchyuri het:

Hamalsaranakan zekucoghnery nshum ein, vor ashxarhum ognutyunner irakanacnogh kazmakerputyunnery bavakanin ashxatanq en katarum, sakayn tarapanq, paterazmi sarsaphn u korustner tesac phoqrikneri demqin irakan erjankutyan zhpity aydpes el chi haytnvum։ Isk vorn e erjankutyan gaghtniqy։ Hertakan harkatun, vov naev gitazhoghovi masnakic e, sarsapheli dzhgoh e zekucoghi phaphuk dirqoroshumic։ Qnnarkvec naev te ardyoq

Anhaty karogh e azat linel, qnnarkvec mec patosov, chnayac yst zekucoghi da anhnar ban e։ Hogevorakan zekucoghy motenalov ambionin hangist haytararec, vor amen ban uni ir zhamanaky, amen mard partavor e mard linel, hetevel Astco patvirannerin, voch te mtaci ir iravunqneri masin։

Kyanqum mi tchshmartutyun ka, mardy mi iravunq uni: zgalu kyanqi imasty ։ Petq e nax haskanal te inchu e mardy aprum։ Ardyoq azatutyan zgacumy trvac e Astco koghmic։ Partadir che, vor mardy lini krtvac, bayc na partavor e haskanal inch e azatutyuny։

Verjin xosqy trvec parskuhun, vov knoj azatutyan gaghaphari qnnarkumic ancav siro ev inqd qez chkeghcelu gaghapharin․..

Erbemn ka ayn karciqy, vor amusnacac kiny vorpes anhat dadarum e goyutyun unenal, tghamardu kyanqi chnkatvogh mas e darnum, angam ete sirum e nran։ Bayc azatutyan arzheqn imacoghy erbeq tuyl chi ta votnaharel qo azatutyan zgacumy։ Erb du inqd azat es, chunes vaxi zgacoghutyun ev karogh es chkeghcel inqd qez ayd vaxi pattcharov, u miayn ayd zhamanak klines azat u erjanik։

Parskuhin hishum e ir zhoghovrdin bazhin hasac darnutyunnern u tarapanqnery ev i verjo galis nran, vor amenamec erjankutyunn ayn e, erb andzy azat karogh e koghmnoroshvel amen harcum : aranc keghcelu։

Petq e nshel, vor hrashali nerkayacum er, vorin masnakcum ein naev Stanislavsku anvan rusakan tatroni derasanner։

Husanq, vor Stephanakerti rusakan tatroni nerkayacumnery kunenan sharunakakan bnuyt, ev tatroni derasanneri hrashali katarumy misht khiacni ir handisatesin։

The Stepanakert Russian Drama Theater is experiencing a renaissance today in Yerevan

On March 30, 2024, the Stepanakert Russian Drama Theater presented its new performance, "The Iranian Conference" at the University of Copenhagen", based on the play by Ivan Viripaev. It was presented to the audience on April 1.

As a result of the persistent work and dedication of the head of organization Dialogue, Yuri Navoyan, it was possible to organize the second performance of the theater in Yerevan.

The presentation is interactive, in the form of a conference, - with speakers, a program, journalists, a topic of discussion, in a real conference hall at the same time at the same time, where the participants of the presentation and the audience received their folders along with the program.

As in every scientific conference, each of the participants presents the problem not only as a matter of real concern, but also with all the emotional aspect. The emotional tones of the voice, the transitions from the official to the emotional created an intimate atmosphere, which, however, is not strictly characteristic of conferences. The created atmosphere forced the problem to become everyone’s.

As in real scientific conferences, there is not only a question and answer about the exciting issue, but also a serious scientific principled disagreement. The emotional is not separated from the logical. They are discussing an issue related to the International Day Against the Death Penalty. A person wants to live, he is a living being and his freedom cannot be seized. A person has the right to freedoms as well as to his own standpoint. Why are human freedoms violated? The humanity of the world is speaking, defending its violated rights.

They talk and discuss about Life and God, civilization and human destiny, war and peace, love and violence, West and East... Questions were raised that torment a thinking person, there were also profound answers that many agreed with or wished for. to argue Each of the "speeches" of the conference, as well as the performance, was built on the monologues of the actors, professionals and amateurs, which led to an undeniable truth and immediately gathered like-minded people. The characters were completely different, represented diametrically opposite positions, but, strangely, everything was in order, and they sounded very convincing to the audience sitting in the hall. One could agree with every one of them.

The university presenters noted that charity organizations in the world are doing a lot of work, but the faces of children who have seen suffering, the horror of war and losses do not show a real smile of happiness. And what is the secret of happiness? An ordinary taxpayer, who is also a participant of the conference, is terribly dissatisfied with the soft position of other speakers.

It was also discussed whether an individual could really be free, and discussed with great pathos, although according to the reporter, this is something impossible. Approaching the lectern, the spiritual reporter calmly announced that everything has its time, every person is obliged to be a human being, to follow God’s commandments, not to think about his rights.

There is a truth in life, a person has a right to feel the meaning of life. It is necessary to first understand why a person lives. Is the sense of freedom given by God? It is not necessary for a person to be educated, but he must understand what freedom is.

The last word was given to a Persian woman, who passed on from the discussion of the idea of women's freedom to the idea of love and not faking oneself... Sometimes there is an opinion that a married woman ceases to exist as an individual, she becomes an invisible part of her man’s life, even if she loves him. But the one who knows the value of freedom will never allow to violate his wife’s sense of freedom. When you are free yourself, you don’t have the feeling of fear and you cannot fake yourself because of that fear, and only then you will be free and happy.

The Persian woman remembers the bitterness and sufferings that befell her people and finally comes to the conclusion that the greatest happiness is when a person can freely decide on every issue, without falsification.

It should be noted that it was a wonderful performance, in which the actors of the Stanislavsky Russian Theater also participated.

Let’s hope that the performances of the Russian theater of Stepanakert will have a continuous nature, and the wonderful performance of the theater will always amaze its audience.

Naira Gasparyan, b․g․t․, EPH docent, NidOragri hamar

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